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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

Question  What is the Trustee Fee % in FY 2005?
Answer  Effective October 1, 2004, the US Trustee's Office has established our Trustee Fee at 4.8%. This amount could change during the course of the fiscal year. As always, we recommend that you estimate plans with a slightly higher Fee.
Question  Will The Trustee Stipulate To Adequate Protection Orders?
Answer  As of October 1, 1998, the Trustee will no longer stipulate to APO's. It is our belief that the fast track confirmation process provides adequate protection for those cases confirmed at the first hearing.
Question  Where can I find the meaning to Plan Calc II screens?
Answer  The material in your TRAC training packet should contain some basic information on how to read your screens. However, the September 98 issue of the 13.Update contains a handy guide to more creditor codes and other information. You can find a copy of that with the on line version of that document or follow this link to the Creditor Codes.
Question  How do I handle an insurance payoff?
Answer  There are too many conflicting answers to this question for us to provide a policy position. It falls squarely in the category of legal advice, which our office cannot provide.
Question  How do I calculate a plan payoff?
Answer  Please see back issues of the 13.Update or sign up for advanced TRAC training.
Question  I would like to submit an electronic file for distribution on this site
Answer  Unfortunately, we cannot accept utilities for distribution via this site. Our office does not have the resources to provide the support & security verification such a service would require. Please contact our office if you would like us to list your web site as a link.
Question  Would you post a link to my Firm's Website?
Answer  We do not feel that legal referrals would be an appropriate use of this site.
Question  What is the Trustee's policy regarding Orders under the new LBR's?
Answer  Follow this link for a complete summary of the Notice to Attorneys Regarding Interpretation of Orders.
Question  How do I get the function keys to work in TRAC?
Answer  The answer depends on the communications software package you are using. TRAC requires keyboard remapping to communicate with the command needed to utilize the function keys. Your TRAC manual contains a list of codes that may be used with ProComm software. The Links page of this site also contains the means for obtaining ProComm keyboard files. Our office does not provide keyboard files or other assistance for remapping.
Question  What Orders need to be served on the Trustee?
Answer  It is the moving party's responsibility to make sure that True Copy of Orders entered with the Court are also served on the Trustee. The Clerk of the Court is NOT automatically providing our office with a True Copy.
Question  How do I get a 341 Adjournment from the Trustee?
Answer  See the 341 Adjournment Procedure on this web site. You can view it as part of the December 13.Update or read an on line version HERE.
Question  Is there an easier way to produce a Matrix in compliance with LBR 9013-3(b)?
Answer  From a notice on PACER: "In an effort to streamline the matrix requirement under LBR 9013-3(b), the Court has determined that a printed matrix from PACER is acceptable providing there is a certification of the date the matrix was printed from PACER. The certification can be included in the proof of service or typed on the printed matrix."

Please make use of the contact information provided on this site for communicating with the Trustee and Carl Brooks, our Manager of Information Services.
Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to Carl Brooks.
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