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DET13 Email List

The DET13 Email list is a means of the Bankruptcy Bar of SE Michigan to communicate with each other via email. Members of the list receive information about upcoming dockets before the Judges (including the hourly breakdowns) along with 341 room splits.

The email list is not meant just for one way communication of the Trustees to the Bar. All members of the list can send a message to all other members via one email address. Members can reply to all other members by the simple use of the Reply button in an email program.

To join the list, print the application form at the link below and return it to our office at the address on the left side of your screen.

  • DET13 Email List Sign Up Form (PDF)

    Please make use of the contact information provided on this site for communicating with the Trustee and Carl Brooks, our Manager of Information Services.
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