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Sign up for 341 Status Sheet Email List

This program is currently in BETA and only applies to those whom have been contacted by our office directly. Others can still register today and will begin receiving emails once the BETA ends.

The Office of the Chapter 13 Standing Trustee Tammy L. Terry is implementing a 341 Status Sheet emailing program similar to the other area Trustee offices. As you are aware, the Trustees provide the status sheets as a courtesy in hopes of discussing unresolved issues prior to confirmation.

The ultimate objective of this office providing both the 341 Status Sheet via email and confirmation objections prior to the 341 first meeting of Creditors is to efficiently utilize LBR 3015-3b by confirming cases without the necessity of a confirmation hearing.

The 341 information, in addition to confirmation objections, provides Debtor Attorneys with pertinent information to discuss with their clients and/or to prepare any amendments with a goal towards early confirmation.

Attorneys wishing to receive our 341 Status Sheets via e-mail must sign up for this service. The official notice and registration form can be found here. We will provide copies of this sign up form at the Section 341 Meetings.

Please note that transmission of our 341 Status Sheet will be exclusively by e-mail. Therefore, attorneys who elect not to participate in our e-mail transmission program will not receive the Status Sheets at the Section 341 Meeting starting 3rd-4th Qtr 2006 (Date to be announced).

View a sample 341 Status Sheet PDF file here.

Please make use of the contact information provided on this site for communicating with the Trustee and Carl Brooks, our Manager of Information Services.
Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to Carl Brooks.
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